Registration desk

  • Saturday, August 13: 13:00 – 20:00 in D1.03 (first floor)
  • Sunday, August 14: 8:00 – 20:00 in D1.03 (first floor)
  • Saturday, August 20: 8:00 – 18:00 in D0.02 (ground floor)
  • Sunday, August 21: 14:00 – 18:00 in D0.02 (ground floor)
  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 18:30 in D0.02 (ground floor)

Registrations are closed.

(till May 31)
(till July 31)
Students350 €450 €
Academics (including members of Research Centers) 450 €550 €
Non-academics850 €950 €
Formal Grammar 2016 for Students30 €
Formal Grammar 2016 for Non-students80 €

Registration fees include lunches for week 1 in the university canteen.

Accommodation with registration

It is possible to reserve and pay for accommodation on the registration page (see below). For information about accommodation, please check out our Accommodations page.

Note, ESSLLI participants who attend the Composes or FG Satellite Events should register to these Events from the ESSLLI registration page. They can reserve and pay for their accommodation, including the extra nights necessary to attend the Satellite Event, via the ESSLLI form. If they do not attend ESSLLI and would like to receive help with booking the accommodation, they should contact the Satellite Event organizer.

Fee waiver applicants will be assigned automatically the most convenient accommodation among those at disposal. The information on which accommodation has been booked for them will be communicated by early June, after the fee waiver winners have been notified.

How to register

Lecturers, evening lecturers, workshop organizers will be contacted by the OC. They do not have to register via the form below.

Registrations and booking of accommodations are closed.

If you are from an Italian Institution and you need a Fatturazione Elettronica, you will be required to include the CUU, PEC, and fiscal data of your Institution to complete the registration.

We will send letters for Visa request only after a careful analysis of the participant’s situation and after having double checked with the relevant institutions the information entered via the registration form. We might also contact the applicant for further information.

Student Grants

The ESSLLI Organizing Committee is pleased to be able to offer a limited number of

  • participation fee waivers,
  • student accommodation grants (which include participation fee waiver), and
  • student accommodation and travel grants (which include participation fee waiver)

to highly motivated and talented MSc or PhD students.

Preference will be given to: students who actively participate in the Student Session or a Workshop; students from Erasmus Mundus Programs in relevant areas; students without alternative financial support for the participation; outstanding and highly motivated students.

Applications should contain:

  1. ESSLLI 2016 grant application form [PDF] (Download and compile the pdf form, print it, sign it, and include it in your application).
  2. Proof of valid student status.
  3. Motivation letter.
  4. CV.

The above documents have to be combined in a single pdf, and submitted via EasyChair before April 25, 2016. (Since we are using Easychair, the submission will be handled as a paper submission, hence you will be asked for a title, and keywords. Feel free to put whatever you like in these fields, they will be ignored.).

Note, the grant application form includes a statement of endorsement, which must be signed by an endorsing faculty member who is well acquainted with the applicant (such as a thesis supervisor or lecturer).

Students who have applied for an ESSLLI 2016 grant will be notified via e-mail by beginning of June 2016 about the outcome of their application. Students who are awarded a grant might be asked to provide some help in the organization during their participation to ESSLLI 2016.

Further grants

Information about grants sponsored by Companies and Associations will be posted here. We will update the information as new sponsorships are confirmed.