Welcome Reception

The welcome reception will take place on Monday, August 15 at 19:00 in piazza Darwin, located behind the UNIBZ canteen (see map).


Your oldest ESSLLI t-shirt!!!

We are at the 28th edition of this wonderful summer school.
Do you remember your first ESSLLI?
When was it?
Do you have a proof of you being there?
Do you have the oldest ESSLLI t-shirt?
Bring it with you, we will award those of you who can exhibit the oldest ESSLLI t-shirt, and those of you who have attended the highest number of ESSLLIs!
If you do not have the t-shirt with you, you might also entertain us with a funny/surprising/exciting story about your first ESSLLI (or about the t-shirt). Participants will decide whether your story can count as a proof of you being there.